The Dracula slot is ready for fans of the horror genre and the legendary history of the world’s most famous vampire, the subject of numerous film performances, books, cartoons, comics, up to this slot online.
A character like Count Dracula needs no introduction, anyone who knows his story and everyone has learned to see him as the main depiction of vampires who feed on human blood and who shoot only at night because they can not stand the light of day, even the online casinos for the truth are not new to borrow these characters for the realization of their games.

But the Dracula slot is different from all the others, with its 5 reels and 40 betting lines with special symbols and functions, excellent graphics and animations and a sound that will make you plunge into an environment full of tension and adrenaline.

The setting of this slot is the territory in which Count Vlad (the Impaler) raged with his wickedness making slaughter of his enemies, even the slot proposes the Transylvania of 1400 in which the exploits of this cruel ruler echoed in fear, on the reels then you will find the same Dracula, his beloved and the various characters protagonists of the last film dedicated to him, plus the usual playing cards J, Q, K, A.

A big red “W” represents the “Wild” symbol of this slot, but it’s not the only one, such symbols are 2, the first is a simple joker able to take the place of any other symbol and complete the highest winning combination by appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4, while the second is a “Stacked Wild” and is depicted by vampires embraced.
This second symbol can appear in any position on reel 3 occupying it entirely and making it a total wild card, but beware, this function is reserved only during Free Spins.

The 2 main protagonists of the Dracula slot are also the creators of the Free Spins bonus, they are activated when on the reels there will be the simultaneous presence of Dracula and his partner, this is activated by the presence on reel 2 of the image of Dracula in stacked version, and his partner on reel 4.
This combination will return 10 free games that will allow you to access various prizes and other free spins, if the Stacked Wild symbol appears during the game.

This machine has a very interesting and exclusive function, the “Bat Function”, which is activated at random during the main game and only once per spin, it will start an invasion of bats that flying on the reels will be transformed into symbols and generate numerous winning combinations.

From the point of view of betting the Dracula slot is very interesting, you can in fact start with very low figures, the minimum bet is in fact only € 0.01 and you can reach a maximum of € 200, in this way the bands of users who can access the game are very wide, everyone can play as they are used to.

Count Vlad was famous for his ferocity, but also for having collected immense treasures during his reign, treasures (winnings) shown on the “Payment Table”, where you can find the value of the individual regular symbols, combinations and all special features.
On the Dracula slot there is also the possibility to automate the reel spins, thanks to the “Automatic Game” mode, with which you can program from 10 to 1,000 spins and make the slot run them alone until the end or until one of the “Stop” thresholds is reached.
This function is important because it allows you to have even greater control over the machine itself, as you can preserve a win, or not go down with the account more than a certain amount, the slot will know perfectly what the limits are to be respected and once reached will stop.

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