Aztec Bonanza

Aztec Bonanza is a slot released by Pragmatic Play, a well-known slot games manufacturer that also supplies the Italian market.
Slots dynamic and colorful with ancient themes, the atmosphere takes us back to the times of the Aztecs, one of the pre-Columbian civilizations that populated America in ancient times. The game is very well structured, has a pattern of 5 reels of variable height, gives the possibility to get consecutive winnings cascading and progressively unlocking game zones, so as to increase the victory lines up to 7776.

Initially, players can simply win on 384 different lines, finding equal symbols in at least the first three reels. Later, thanks to fabulous bonuses, it will be possible to increase both the number of winning lines and the winnings, in fact, the chances of victory will increase exponentially.

In Aztec Bonanza there are several features that make the game very interesting.
First let’s talk about the game scheme, consisting of 5 rolls of variable height, from 2 to 6 squares.
In the 5×6 squares scheme, there are covering blocks in the corners that hinder the regular progress of the symbols in play, the function of consecutive winnings, however, allows you to break the blocks progressively, corner after corner, so as to increase the icons in play and, in this way, the chances of victory.

There are 8 simple regular symbols and one mysterious symbol, the first 8 represent both the 4 suits of the French cards and the icons, like the 3 colored gems and the moon. The green gem pays most of all symbols, up to 2.5x times the bet if lined up 5 times on a line.
The mysterious symbol characterized by the stylized totem appears in groups of 3 or 4 at a time when the stone corners are broken, so after consecutive winnings.
The slot has a very high RTP of about 96.53% while the maximum payout you can get is 19,000x times your bet.

Playing Aztec Bonanza is very simple as all you need to do is place a bet using the controls at the bottom of the scheme and spin the reels. To speed up the game you can also activate the autoplay function.

In more detail about bonuses, in the slot we find the permanent “Tumble” function, which is able to slide new symbols with each win, once the winning lines will be discovered from the scheme.

Releasing the various stone corners will activate special functions that will make it easier to unlock the other corners. For example, unlocking the first two corners will activate mysterious symbols and low value icons will be replaced by higher value ones. Finally, by unlocking the lower corners, large symbols with a size of 2×2 will appear in the reels and the icons found from then on will be larger. If the whole scheme will be unlocked, then you will receive 5 free spins on a whole 5×6 box scheme.

During the free spin bonus 3 different functions will alternate, always able to generate new winnings, mysterious symbols may appear, which once landed in the grid will all reveal the same figure.
Another function that you can activate is the transformation of the icons, in particular the transformation of low value icons into high value ones. Finally, the last feature that can be activated at random is that of the giant symbols that can appear on rollers 1 and 2 or rollers 3 and 4.

The Aztec Bonanza slot is a real treat for all slot players who like Aztec style entertainment. Remember that one slot that resonates today at the Rabona Casino for its winnings is Gonzo’s Quest (see our review) and also for this reason we can say that we liked Aztec Bonanza. Our rating is based both on the fact that the game offers an innovative scheme, with more than 7000 paylines, and on the functions that push the player to remain constantly excited.
The locked corners feature makes the game never boring, while the bonus system allows for very high payouts in chips.


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