Aliens Slot Machine

The Aliens slot machine is without a shadow of a doubt among the most anticipated of the moment. Thanks to its thematic and fascinating story, as well as outstanding 3D graphics, the game is developed in three different levels, where each of the levels offers special exciting features. The slot promises a game of the highest level and fun for fans of the science fiction and horror genre.

The online slot machine Aliens, faithfully reproduces the famous movie starring James Cameron, with a science fiction horror plot, in which humans had to fight to survive against monstrous alien creatures.
It is the alien monsters that represent the movement of the 15 reels.

The number of game lines that can be activated is 15, and it all starts with The Search, in which you will have to search for areas and snide the alien creatures.
During this game mode, multipliers will be activated for each round of winning reels. The multipliers will be visible above your monitor and will be applied to the regular symbols.

When the line is full, you will activate the 2nd level of the game, The Encounter, where you must overcome alien attacks and reach the Queen’s Hive. To do this, you will have valuable ammunition (ammunition roller and ammunition counter) at your disposal. After the 2nd level you will only have to complete the 3rd level.

In the Aliens slot game mode “The Hive” you will have the task of destroying the Queen herself using the health of the Hive, consisting of four types of goal. Each of them corresponds to a different prize money.

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