Fruit Spin Slots, fruit-flavored winnings!

Fruit Spin Slot is ideal if you love games where the absolute protagonist of the reels is the mythical fruit, revisited in a modern style and equipped with innovative functions.
An authentic jewel with and the special “Lucky Wheel” mode. A slot machine developed by perfectly working from pc and mobile, both in the real money version and in the convenient demo mode, the latter useful to understand how the game works without risking even a penny.

But let’s see in detail the Fruit Spin slot:

Formed by 40 betting lines and 10 betting levels, it has a colorful and attractive graphical interface, sharing the symbols of the fruit with the games of the past. Perfect smoothness of the controls.

The Fruit Spin Slot was created by the Swedish company NetEnt, famous international software house that in recent years has launched hundreds of successful titles on the market, particularly appreciated by casino players.

Fruit Spin is also available in a completely free version in many casinos, including Rabona. This is one of the great advantages of choosing , in fact you just need to click on the button below or on the image and you will be immediately in the game without spending a penny. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the symbols, winning combinations and special features of this slot. Once you feel ready, you can switch to real money mode. An opportunity that we recommend you take advantage of.

How the Fruit Spin slot works:
To win on Fruit Spin Slot, the first step is to learn the rules, symbols and main combinations of this great game.
Consisting of 5 reels and 40 betting lines, the value of the coins to be selected is between 0.01 cents and 1 euro. You can choose to activate from 1 to 10 betting levels, with the’ and the highest of 200 euros.
The symbols are the classic fruit, cherries, blueberries, oranges and grapes. To these are added the special Seven and Bar, able to offer even higher winnings. By clicking on the “” button you can set the number of laps, from 10 to 1,000, to start automatically without typing the Spin button every time.
Entering the advanced settings of this handy feature, you will decide whether to stop it when specific events occur (any win, free spins, the exclusive Lucky Wheel). There is also the “Max Bet” button that allows you to play at the highest betting level based on the current token value.
To start the first spin, you set the coin value (), the betting level (1-10) and start the reels. Once you have obtained the combination, you move on to the next round.
To check the rules of the games, the symbols and how much the different combinations pay, type the “Info” button on the screen. Winnings on the betting lines are paid consecutively from left to right, except for the Scatter symbols.
In the main game and during Free Spins, all symbols appear stacked on the reels, except for the 3×3 Wild and 3×3 Scatter symbols. During the normal phase, an overlapping reel may appear with the 3×3 and 2×2 stacked versions of any symbol, in addition to the special 3×3 Scatter symbols.
It’s time to find out what all the symbols and special Fruit Spin Slot game modes are.

Wild Symbol
Wild symbols perform the classic wildcard function and therefore replace all others, except the Scatters, to facilitate the best possible combination. Wild symbols in Fruit Spin can be displayed partially or fully depending on how they appear in the game area. The 3×3 Wild symbols are drawn on the 3 centre reels only during the special Free Spin function.

Scatter Symbol
The Scatter symbols can also be displayed partially or completely on the playing area. The special 3×3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, both during the main game and during Free Spins. If a part of the 3×3 Scatter symbol is visible, the special “Lucky Wheel” function will start and we will take care of it in detail.

Fruit Spin Slot Bonus
The Fruit Spin slot is highlighted to present 3 each one independent, able to give away big winnings in chips and activate the Free Spin mode. In this mode they can be assigned:
1 spin for each line of the 3×3 Scatter symbol displayed on the reels.
2 laps if two lines are visible.
3 laps if the entire symbol will appear.

Each Lucky Wheel offers Free Spin symbols and token winnings. 3 Free Spin symbols on the Lucky Wheel will activate 5 Free Spins. Once you receive 3 Free Spin symbols, they will be converted to Extra Spin and for each one you will receive 1 additional Free Spin. During Free Spins the overlapping reel will only count Seven, Bar Bronze, Bar Silver, Bar Gold 3×3, 3×3 Wild and 3×3 Scatter symbols.

Fruit Spin slot is a game available only in the best online casinos. The player’s goal is to hit the best combinations of symbols and activate the special 3 Lucky Wheel, able to give away many free spins and numerous tokens. An opportunity not to be missed.

For those who are nostalgic for the legendary Fruit Slots but fascinated by the graphics and modern gameplay, this could be a game to consider. Symbols with flashy colors and a smooth playability from both PC and mobile are the main features of this slot that stands out from other famous but older titles. A free slot that stands out for its special symbols and innovative features. But what makes the Fruit Spin slot even more special?

The high payout percentage for players is 96.84%.



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